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Here’s our favorite trainwreck, Britney.

Britney, for the love of gawd and all that’s holy, GO HOME!

Here’s what BuzzFoto had to say about this pic….

We Love Taking Your Foto, But…
Posted in Britney Spears on August 11th, 2007

Britney, we love taking your photo, but we really think that Los Angeles has too many temptations for you and you are clearly not ready for this town. You really need to go find a small quiet town where you can get yourself back together. You are not fooling anyone with the bottle of water PR trick. This photograph shows a pathetic, uneducated and emotionally disturbed woman. This is a classic photo that will hang in museums one day and we hope that you can be there to enjoy it with us. Go home to your children.

We couldn’t say it better….