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Turkey Tips From Zen Gray!!!

zen gray myspace

Happy Turkey Day all! It’s time to eat and cook and be with friends and family… and eat… and eat… heehee That brings up the topic of over eating and keeping your head in the midst of all those goodies.

Zen Gray is my favorite trainer on the show “Work Out” on Bravo. And she posted this list of good ideas on her MySpace.

Have a great Turkey Day… but don’t go too crazy.

Click to hear from Zen!!!!

Turkey Day Strategy *Repost*
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I know you’re planning on eating a lot of food today.
And that’s cool.

Just start with the raw veggies.
Not only do they provide more vitamins, but they fill you up,
clean you out, and start the digestive juices flowing and help with pH levels.
Take a walk after dinner.
Try some hot cider instead of pie or alcohol.
Just try the good stuff first and you might surprise yourself.

The New York Times recently reported a study on the psychology of
overindulgence by Prof. Brian Wansink;
mainly that eating patterns are based on visual cues.
For example, people ate twice as much popcorn if it’s in the big container.
If a bowl of soup was rigged to keep filling up from the bottom so it constantly looked half-full,
most people kept eating past 20 minutes and some people ate over a quart!
So, what this means is that you won’t stop eating because of a feeling of fullness…
you’ll stop eating when you think the plate LOOKS finished.

So, he offered a few tips:
1. Sit next to the slowest eater and be the last one to start eating.
2. Place high-calorie foods in the kitchen and serve vegetables family style.
3. Never eat directly from the package.
4. Wrap tempting food in foil so you don’t see it.
5. At a buffet, put only two items on your plate at a time.

And remember, Thanksgiving is just one day, kids.
Don’t bust a gut :)

And plan to get to the gym on Friday BEFORE the shopping.
You’ll get back into healthy mode a little faster that way.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!