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Trainer Bob, loses his cool

Hell YA! Trainer Bob Harper, from The Biggest Loser, totally lost his Shiz on last night’s show, and I loved every single expletive filled second of it. Bob is usually the cream filled center of the training part of that show. Where as Jillian Michaels is that bowl of roughage that you can barely choke down but is good for you and your ass. I mean, wait… what?

So anyways, trainer Bob, the cuddly teddy bear, went OFF on lazy ass, excuse maker Joelle of the “silver” team last night. And it was CLASSIC! If you have EVER had to deal with someone who was text book passive aggressive (notice she is constantly apologizing for not doing enough even adding sir, yet makes no effort to do better) you will LOVE this clip. He rips her a new one!!!!! Now, this is expected from Jillian Michaels, but seeing it from love sponge Bob, made it that much sweeter.

:-D I love you trainer Bob.

The only thing that would have made it better, was if her lazy, excuse making, be-hind was eliminated from the show… She somehow managed to stay. But she was shown to be who she truly is on international television for every one she will ever meet, to see. :-)

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