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Spoil Them 💝 Traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts With A Twist

Unexpected Valentines Gift Guide

Surprising Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day comes every year, so why is so hard to know what to give? You know the traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts, so what is wrong with staying with those? Don’t break the bank or stress out, we say go with what works, but how about a twist on Traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts?

Traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts

choczero sugar free chocolates

Keto Friendly Chocolates

Nothing says decadence and indulgence more than chocolate. There’s a reason it’s always a favorite gift for dating, and Valentine’s Day. It’s not only delicious, but chocolates can be good for you being filled with antioxidants, in moderation of course. The worst part of chocolate is usually the sugar, but what if we told you, you can enjoy your chocolate without the sugar.

Is your love bug on keto or a low carb diet? Get these sugar free chocolates NOW and make their year. ChocZero milk chocolate squares are sugar free. The sweet flavor comes from monk fruit, a keto diet favorite.

(HOT TIP – If you buy them on Amazon, you can rush the delivery)

Sterling Love Bouquet from teleflora

Flowers, Of Course

Flowers are lovely. Our whole office loves flowers.  What reason is there to NOT get your Valentine a bouquet of flowers?

The twist for Valentine’s Day Bouquets would be the vase. The vase we received with the flowers above have quite the surprise factor. We absolutely love this mirrored vase that came with my Valentine’s Day bouquet of flowers from Teleflora.  Everyone that walked by noticed the beautiful flowers then wow-ed at the mirrored vase.

You can also choose from a variety of other vases that they can use over and over. For flowers, or like most in our work-space, as pen and pencil holders.  It’s a nice way to remember the flowers, and who sent them, all year long.

Valentines Day Cards For Friends

Not Another Boring Valentine Card

Which is worse, getting a blah card, or being stuck looking at cards that are awful? We found a site that carries great cards and they will mail them off FOR YOU.

CardFool carries all sorts of cards that you can either order as is, or you can personalize them. Add your own photos of you and your sweetie and customize your own message on the inside.

Not only that, but CardFool will MAIL IT FOR YOU!

You don’t have to wait for the card to arrive at your house then send it off to your Valentine. They do the heavy lifting of that postage stamp and address writing, and woosh off it goes! I mean, you can do that in the middle of the night while reading my site. Do it. Do it now!

Amazon Prime Streaming and free delivery for valentines day

Video Stream And Chill (and free shipping all year long!)

OK, stream and chill isn’t typically considered traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts, but it’s been a dating trend for long enough that we’re just going with it. The twist? Give them the gift for streaming of movies and TV shows, and free shipping all year. An Amazon Prime membership lets you watch movies and TV shows on demand, stream music, and get groceries delivered, and free two day shipping on most everything else.

Basically, you’re making their life easier all year long while binge watching your favorite TV show.

This page may contain affiliate links for which I may receive a small percentage after a sale. This does not increase your pricing. All editorial content is my own.

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