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Tour De France 2014 Had A Royal Start With Kate Middlton

Alex Whitehead/

This weekend marked the start of yet another Tour de France, and I had been glued to the television ever since. Excitingly, the Tour started in England this year and I think the entire country was there to watch stage one, including the royal family!

On July 5th the stage began at Leeds with a royal send off as Kate Middleton gave the men their official beginning. She looked lovely in a green coat that I am sure will be flying off the selves of whatever store it came from. She looked genuinely excited to have “le Tour” be a in England.

Tour De France 2014 stage one prince william kate middleton prince harry

Joining Kate at the end of the stage in Harrogate were Prince Harry and Prince William. What an exciting opportunity for the royals. Yes, I just said that the royal family should be glad they were a part of the Tour de France.

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MORE photos after the JUMP!

All Images via Le Tour de France Facebook

kate middleton prince william prince harry podium tour de france 2014 stage one
It would have been a perfect day if local boy, and Tour de France sprinting favorite, Mark Cavendish did not have an unfortunate crash just in view of the finish line. It was quite the heartbreak seeing one of the best riders out there at the moment completely end all hopes of doing anything in the Tour this year as he separated his shoulder as he hit the pavement. I was so hoping to see him all blushing as Kate Middleton gave him a little squeeze on the podium. That just was not to happen this year.

This Tour is quite the blood bath already, filled with crashes galore. Usually the first week of TDF is a little more mellow, but it seems they want to weed out of the peloton as fast as possible this years. I do not mind the excitement it brings but the pain of falling right into your lap first thing in the morning. Who needs coffee after that?

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  1. Well at least he got to shake Kat Middleton’s hand.

  2. I completely forgot about the Tour de France this year!

  3. Kate is just so pretty, and she seems really active in her role.

    • She is great. She knows she really doesn’t have to do a lot, but seems to appreciate what she does.

  4. The Tour de France is forever tainted by Lance Armstrong.

  5. She is so beautiful, love how friendly and sweet she presents herself.