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Top Chef: Texas SUPERSIZED Wednesday 1/4 @ 10/9c [VIDEO]

The Texas Heat Takes its Toll: Sarah Grueneberg cannot stand the constant smoke with the 100 plus degree Texas sun.·

It is not unusual for the judges to ask the chef’testants to go back to the basics, but this week, they are asking for quite the opposite! In this Quickfire challenge the chefs must channel their inner magician to whip up a dish using modernist cooking techniques. Some chefs have experience with such techniques, while others struggle to make their dish pop (literally).

Later, the chef’testants get to do some old-fashioned grilling, but when the fire pit gets a too hot, the medics must be called for Sarah. Will she make it back in time to compete, or will she be sent packing?

Cooking with Magic: Some of the chefs look like mad scientists in this challenge but others struggle to cook with modern techniques.

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