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Tony Bennet Has Some words for Lindsay Lohan

Trust me, I know -BusyBeeBlogger

Why the heck are people asking Tony Bennet about Lindsay freaking Lohan?!?! Page Six said that they asked the music ICON about Lindsay Lohan and her troubles with drugs and alcohol.

The crooning legend told us at his and wife Susan Benedetto’s Exploring the Arts gala: “Everybody has a gift, and these young stars should learn how to celebrate life, feel good about living, and do what they love. It will turn them around, and they won’t end up doing something that will kill them.”

Now, Bennett isn’t just saying things to say them. He had his own history with drugs, so he knows what he’s talking about.

Bennett, 85, who dabbled with cocaine as a young man, also said, “Woody Allen’s manager, Jack Rollins, used to handle Lenny Bruce, who was a brilliant comedian, but was hooked on heroin. He said something that changed my life. He said: ‘He sinned against his talent.’ It affected me so much that I just got rid of everything.”

Good for Tony! It’s too bad that all too often people don’t learn through advice. Especially young people with way too much money and no supervision.

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