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TONIGHT! Man V Food Big Ugly Burger Challenge in Indianapolis VIDEO

Tonight on the Travel Channel’s Man v Food, Adam Richman heads to Indianapolis to take on the Big Ugly Burger. Ooooh tasty.

TONIGHT Adam travels to Indianapolis to conquer four-22 ounce hamburgers at Bub’s Burgers and Ice Cream. Check out this sneak peek video where Adam explains that in 42,000 attempts, no one has completed the Ugly Burger Challenge.

But before he takes on the Big Ugly Burger, Adam sees what else Indianapolis has to offer.

During his visit to the home of the Indy 500, Adam is ready to race for taste.  In the “Circle City”, Adam first stops at Edwards Drive-In, home of Indy’s Holy Trinity: a homemade root beer, basket of crispy onion rings, and a pork tenderloin sandwich.  Every day 500 Holy Trinities fly out the door, but none will compare to the surprise that awaits Adam.

Next, at Gray Brothers Catering, Adam gets a taste of authentic home style, Hoosier hospitality.  Adam assists the kitchen in making one beautiful strawberry pie, and homemade meatloaf from scratch.  At the restaurant that has the ability to create “home on a plate”, will Adam get his loaf on?

Tonight, Wednesday August 18th, on the Travel Channel at 9:00 E/P!!!

Image via Travel Channel

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