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TONIGHT is Thintervention *Finale* [VIDEO]

Mandy explains that her life has completely changed as her life is a running game show.

That’s right, y’all!  Thintervention is coming to an end, and TONIGHT we get to see just how well everyone has been doing six weeks since leaving the Jackie Warner nest.

Before getting on the scale, the group takes a look back at how far they’ve come during the 12 week program.  Has Nikki been able to stay away from her beloved alcohol and will the results show? And how has Mandy been able to carry on the program without Jackie as her personal trainer?  Don’t miss the amazing results revealed on Monday 10/25 @ 10/9c on BRAVO’s Thintervention with Jackie Warner *FINALE*

It’s no surprise that Nikki has struggled with Jackie Warner’s program. Relive her struggles.

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