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Today’s Delight: The Three Little Bops

three little bops big bad wolf with pigs playing jazz

This brings me such delight. Dad Bee found this on the interwebs for this little pinup yesterday and I spent most of the afternoon watching it.

Merry Melodies present The Three Little Bops.

It’s a take off on the Three Little Pigs, but the piggies are a bop jazz trio and the big bad wolf wants to play trumpet with them.

Just watch it, and don’t be a square.  You’ll catch yourself chair dancing, I promise.

The three little bops by PANZERDRAKO

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  1. I remember seeing this when I was younger; good memories.

  2. Deja vu for me – thanks for posting!

  3. So cute, brought a smile to my face :-)

  4. Nice visit down memory lane

  5. This brings back memories for sure!

  6. Super cute- I miss cartoons like these :(

  7. watch out for howlin wolf on trumpet!

  8. I love watching all the older cartoons like these on Netflix with my kids.