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Tim McGraw makes wishes come true

tim mcgraw


What can I say, I like Tim McGraw. I don’t know why, but I do. Maybe it’s the fact he doesn’t deny he’s sooooo bald under that huge hat.

Anyways, at a concert in Oklahoma, Luke Wood was celebrating his 9th birthday, because that’s what you do for a 9 year old’s b-day, front row tickets at Tim McGraw. Little birthday cake filled Luke brought a sign that said “CAN I SING WITH YOU” and the coolness that is McGraw brought the kid on stage to sing ‘Last Dollar (Fly Away)’ as a duet.

How cute…It’s such a good thing that Luke didn’t try to grab Tim McGraw’s package. You KNOW Faith Hill would have come out like a ninja and told him “you need to learn some manners my friend!”

I mean, what?


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