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Tiki- Tini Cocktail Recipe

Tropical Cocktail Tiki Tini

Cocktail Thursday

Tropical Cocktail Party Ideas

I don’t care that it’s muggy and raining, let’s pretend it’s sunny and beautiful. Break out the tiki torches (even if you cannot light them) make a few pineapple themed appetizers and call your friends. Throw on some music from the Martini Kings, or Don Ho and you’re set. It’s time for a tropical themed party.

Elvgren Pinup Girl Grass Skirt Falling

Pinnacle® Tropical Tiki-Tini Recipe
1 part Pinnacle® Tropical Punch Vodka
2 parts Iced Tea
Shake, sit back and unwind.

For some added fun add a skewer filled with your favorite tropical fruits! Pineapple, red cherries, dragon fruit and star fruit all do well. Don’t have any of those? A slice or wedge of an orange will do just fine sitting on the rim of your glass.

It’s all about your attitude with these tropical cocktail recipes. As long as you’re happy and having fun, the cocktail will be fun. If tiny hamster can hold a fabulous tropical tiki party you can, too.

So call your friends, brew your tea and make a few Tropical Tiki Tini cocktails to share. Set out a plate of tropical inspired appetizers, or just call up and order a Hawaiian pizza from down the street. It doesn’t matter if you are in Southern California or Columbia, Missouri. Having a tropical themed party is just a tiki tini away.

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