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this would be sweet!


E! is reporting that Britney Spears may go Gay!!!! Ok, not like that you dirty minds.

The White Party promoted by Jeffrey Sanker, is a HUGE yearly gay party… Jennifer Lopez, has been a performer in the past. This year it will be in Las Vegas at the Palms Casino (which i luvs).

Sanker had this to say

“I would love to offer Britney the chance to return to…the Palms Hotel, her own ‘ground zero,’ where all those are saying she so ‘imploded,’ and redeem herself with her very loyal gay community,” Sanker said.

I think she should TOTALLY do it. I’d go… it looks like a good time. I don’t have to be a gay man to have a good time, darn it!

AND, Brit’s superfan, you know, the “MORE MORE MORE” kid… was also invited. How great is that?

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