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This Little Piggie found at Market!

piggie stowaway found to be ok

What a lucky little piggie. Not many can go to market and tell the tale!!!

This little guy, named Andrex was found in the back of a truck delivering toilet paper to a Tesco store in Ilkeston, Derbyshire.

Staff weren’t really that surprised to find a piglet in the truck due to them playing pranks on each other all the time. But they don’t know where the 3 week old piggie came from.

“Staff are used to dealing with the unexpected, but little Andrex’s arrival was a shock,” a Tesco spokesman said. “They took it in their stride, wrapping him up straightaway in a duvet in the manager’s office and calling the RSPCA for advice and help.”

Andrex had some cuts and bruises on his snout and will be cared for until a permanent home can be found…