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This had better not be it!

britney spears pool las vegas fathers day weekend

So Britney was supposed to debut her “new” hairstyle this weekend in Las Vegas. This shizzle had better NOT be it.

Brit Birt’s main hair ho Kim Vo had said that she was going to show it off at the Mirage’s “Love” show. She’s supposed to be losing those extension (thank GAWD!) and getting new color.

“We’re so used to her with that bright blonde, which I didn’t like, and I told her I didn’t like it,” he says. “We’re actually using the flecks of her eyes—she has little golden flecks— as a guide to go through the process to enhance her eyes and even go deeper than her eyes, the flecks in her eyes and skin tone.”

Whatever. If she’s anything like me it will look good for that one day she gets it done them BAM back in the pony tail poof on the top of the head. That’s right, Brit learned that look from me. I’m an icon.
britney spears at the pool in las vegas pic 2 britney spears pool las vegas pic 3