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They Get Along, In Photoshop


There are some times in life where you just have to swallow your pride and try to realize what is really important. Is fighting with your now husband’s ex-wife (or ex-husband’s current wife) really important? But we all know that holding a grudge is easy, and sometimes deliciously delightful (I’m such a bad person).

It seems that we little people aren’t the only ones that have issues “moving on”. This week’s issue of People in Espanol has both of Marc Anthony‘s wives on the cover: ex-wife and former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, and Jennifer (I’m not a diva) Lopez.

The two Latina lovelies, shown with actress Adamari Torres and singer Lucero, didn’t pose together, and the photo is a composite. But they’re all smiles and certainly look buddy-buddy for the feature on the best-dressed women in Hispanic culture. Our source says, “The current and the ex side by side? Marc’s camp is not happy.”

I get a giggle out of the “not happy” comment. When People was asked about the 2 lovely ladies being on the cover, and connected to Marc, they replied with

“Marc has great taste in stylish women.”


You know, I went on the People in Espanol website and looked at the list, and ANGELINA JOLIE was number 2!!! Am I missing something here?

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