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The Racing Life of Lance Armstrong


Ever since he returned to cycling last year, Lance Armstrong has been hounded by doping tests.  And he loves to Twitter about it. This morning he said

Yet another “surprise” anti-doping control. 24th one. This one from the French authorities. Urine, blood, and hair! Classic..

24? 24 Tests?! Dang, he doesn’t even have that much hair! And just so you know, that’s a lot of testing.

More of my favorite random thoughts from Lance Armstrong’s Twitter account.

@@@@@@@D@d00 0856:22 AM Mar 11th from TwitterBerry
Whoops, sorry about the booty tweet.6:46 AM Mar 11th from Tweetie

Sitting down and eating dinner and guess what? Knock knock. Anti-doping control. This is the 23rd one since the comeback.11:55 AM Mar 11th from TwitterBerry

How good is Nutella?10:03 PM Mar 10th from TwitterBerry

At LAX flying to Europe. Had one of those video/papparazzi dudes here asking dumb questions. Felt bad for the guy, he needs better material.6:42 PM Mar 8th from TwitterBerry

Drug control. #20 (or so…). Trying juggle this and kid’s breakfast. Hmmm..5:02 AM Mar 5th from TwitterBerry

Yesterday would have been Johnny Cash’s 77th bday. This is maybe the greatest music video ever. AM Feb 27th from web

Bauer Griffin

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