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The Other Shoe Dropped On the Parker/Longoria Split

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If you could see how fast this story blew up yesterday, THEN was somewhat retracted by TMZ, you knew there was more to this story of Tony Parker and Eva Longoria splitting.

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Eva’s camp swore up and down that Tony didn’t file for divorce, but no one heard from Tony Parker as to what was being done. (red flag)

Looks like my hunch was right! PEOPLE is reporting that Eva is going to play the he didn’t dump me, I dumped him, card.

A source tells PEOPLE that the Desperate Housewives star plans to file divorce papers of her own as early as Wednesday.

Longoria was “totally and completely blindsided” by reports appearing this week of infidelity by her NBA star husband, the source says.

How is she “blindsided” by his cheating? There have been rumors of him wandering since they got married!!

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And, to be honest, I wouldn’t doubt it if it wasn’t just Tony that was (allegedly) straying. I’m just sayin’….

So expect a big teary exclusive tell all interview with Longoria as soon as she legally files to split from Tony Parker.  It looks like People Magazine is already taking sides.

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