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The Ombre Trend Continues Beyond the Tips Of Your Hair

Shades of Paradise Dress from ModCloth

A few months ago it was as if every hipster/fashionista was doing the Alexa Chung and making their hair ombre. Some had more success than others with that :-/

But now the ombre look is returning where it should be: fashion.

Dresses, tops, trousers, sunglasses, tights and even home decor are all enjoying a resurgence in the graduated color style. I really do like this, and have been obsessed with it ever since Gwen and Gavin’s wedding.

Twilight Gathering Dress in Pink from ModClothMy Way or the Ombre Tights in Green from ModCloth Lithography Class Top from ModClothCabana Nights Dress from ModClothWhat About Bauble? Necklace from ModClothIts Eclectic! Candlestick from ModClothFades of Turquoise Jeans from ModClothDissolve into Daydreams Top from ModClothVerdant Virtuoso Dress from ModCloth

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  1. the pink dress is really nice – very summer look.

  2. I love the first dress!!! Want it!

  3. OMG I must have that pink dress, love the ombre look!

  4. wow – sure is sharp!

  5. I like this dress!

  6. I like the jeans, cool.

  7. I am loving these looks.

  8. I love the ombre stripe t-shirt – such an easy way to wear it.

  9. These looks are cute- but I ‘d probably only wear them in the summer.