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The New King of Doucheville!!!


Lindsay Lohan is taking a page out of the Britney Spears playbook. This time, it’s dating a man who is already taken, and his girlfriend only knowing about it, from the tabloids!! Ladies and Gentlemen the new KFED!!!!!!

US Magazine
is saying that the reportedly broke actress found her unshowered boyfriend in rehab. GREAT! While his significant other wasn’t knocked up, they were reportedly engaged. FANTASTIC!

You hollywood girls sure know how to get them good ones don’t you?!

Us has learned that her new beau, Riley Giles — a snowboarder she met during her two-month stay at the Cirque Lodge treatment center in Utah — has a messy past.

Until recently, he was engaged to Murray, Utah, resident Bree Tierney. “Riley just stopped calling Bree and never told her about Lindsay,” Bree’s mom, Tess, tells Us. “She found out by seeing photos. It destroyed her.”

Seconds a source, “Lindsay may be in danger with Riley.” The concerns may be warranted: Giles escorted Lohan to the Hotel Bar & Nightclub in Salt Lake City on October 5 — the same day she checked out of rehab.

Though one witness claims that Lohan drank that night, owner Jordan Harwood insists to Us, “Her group made it clear they didn’t want any alcohol at the table.”

Isn’t that what happened last time with the drinking, they sent the drinks away, only to sneak them in later?

whatever…. generation douchey douch…. the reason I don’t have kids.