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The Muffin Mishap

pinup girl in a white dress with burned muffins in the kitchen

So, the other day, I was wandering through the grocery store looking for yummy things to have for breakfast. I snagged up some super moist looking banana nut muffins, thinking hmmmm these will be great with my coffee.

Eating the muffins was a different story. They seemed a little stale, and dry? But I just got them!!!!

Um, I got up and started looking for a Good Until Date. And then I saw it. In tiny print in the corner. My banana nut muffins were indeed VEGAN and WHEAT FREE.

Not that I don’t enjoy my vegan goodies, but I have to say, when you’re not expecting it, especially with baked goods, wheat free can be quite the surprise.

Oh well, they’re still here and I’m gonna have one for breakfast. :-)

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1 Comment

  1. Bummer! I love my sweets, and am disappointed when they aren’t all that good :(