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The Marquee At The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

What was it like to be a part of an exclusive event in Las Vegas at the hottest new club in one of the hippest hotels on the strip? I was asked to cover the Las Vegas Spin Off held in one of Marquee’s private club rooms at The Cosmopolitan for HaveUHeard, so I got to find out first hand.

Check out what it was all about after the jump!

After making sure I was on the list, I was escorted past the velvet ropes to an awaiting assigned elevator that would take me to the party. Forget about pushing the buttons yourself. The staff call on walkie talkies to designate to what floor YOU are to be hand delivered.

The Boom Box Room of Marquee is NOT industrial with tons of metal or exposed ventilation systems that seems so popular. Instead, it’s sensual visually. Everything about this place is low lit, even the elevator. But not in a pitch black sort of way.

The Boom Box Room has a red glow about it, but with hints of gold. The giant black sketched murals on the red walls look like shadows of people you’d want to spend the evening sharing a cocktail with, or dancing it up on the floor. And if you look closely, there are a few quotes next to the portraits to keep your conversations going.

All of the seating feels VIP, with great views of the dance floor. There are a few recessed chandeliers overhead, but nothing too precious.

Over the bar, there are great black and clear glass cubes hanging from the ceiling. And on the far wall, an arrangement of “Boom Boxes”. Hey, I still have that one in my office!

I do love that the design wasn’t going for the retro feel, though, despite the boom boxes on the wall. Those just felt like a great design piece.

Outside on the white terrace, there is a great view of the strip and the street below. Everything outside is white on white on white, and it’s very open and airy.

The seating is very good for lounging, but sophisticated. Have a seat and a drink. Or take in the view of the lights all around.

I have friends going there this weekend, and I can’t wait to hear what they have to say about Cosmopolitan’s Marquee.

BusyBeeBlogger received hotel accommodations during this trip
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