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The Livin’s Easy Punch – National Punch Day September 20th


To celebrate National punch Day on September 20th I’m sharing some of my favorite punch recipes.  Today is the Livin’ Is Easy Punch.  If you add citrus and ginger I am hooked.  And this orange color is just perfect for a party.  Enjoy!


The Livin’s Easy Punch (serves 20)

1 bottle of Sobieski Vodka (750 ml)
12 ¾  oz. crème de cassis
16 oz. cold water
17 oz. orange juice
8 ½  oz. fresh lime juice
25.4 oz. (3/4 of a 1-liter bottle) ginger ale

Funnel all ingredients except ginger ale into a large sealable plastic container. Shake to incorporate all ingredients. Allow to chill in fridge for 30 minutes, or make it up to one day in advance. Serve in 5 oz. cups

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  1. That sounds amazing! I love citrus and vodka drinks.