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The End To Boardwalk Empire Is Coming

boardwalk empire final season

All empires come to an end, and the end is in sight for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. The Steve Buscemi led powerhouse will begin its final season, season 5, September 7th.

Word is that though the first four season took place in the roaring 1920s on the Atlantic City seaboard, this final season is in 1931 right in the heart of the depression. Oh and it will only last for 8 episodes, sorry fans.

Check out the preview below.

Fans are NOT happy about there only being 8 episodes for the final season of Boardwalk Empire. I cannot say that I blame them. I am way late to the Boardwalk Empire party only starting to watch it last season, but this is one of the best written and well shot series I have seen on TV. Most other shows, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Following, immerse themselves in the gore the violence and lose their soul in the process. With Boardwalk Empire, there is still plenty of death at the hands of the main characters but there is something different about the portrayal of it all. Some of it happens outside of the screen shot, and you have to imagine what went on.

If you were wondering about the song used in the teaser above, it is a cover of Three Dog Night tune, One Is The Loneliest Number, by ANNB. That is another thing that is fun about Boardwalk Empire, the use of some contemporary music in period style.

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  1. Great show, though it was a bit violent for my wimpy butt.

    • They’re all so violent these days. I think HBO have a writers room with ‘violent scenes’ experts!

  2. I never could get into this show much. I’m not surprised it’s ending.

    • The first season and the second were great and then it kind of fizzled and ran out of steam. Shame.

  3. I thought this show was doing better in the ratings. It’s a shame.

  4. True story; I named my white fluffy puppy dog “Nucky” after Encoch ‘Nucky’ Thompson in the show!