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the emmy goes to…Britney?

We COULD be hearing this come later this year. Britney Spears has earned a spot on the list of possible nominees for Guest spots on TV shows. It’s not a short list, yet. Brit Brit is sharing room with 40 other women. She is being nominated for her 2 spots on How I Met Your Mother.

Other notable names also up for Academy consideration are Sarah Silverman for her guest shot on Monk; Mary-Kate Olsen, who won over many Weeds fans during her extended run as a pot-dealing Christian on the Showtime hit; Alyssa Milano for her role as Billie on My Name is Earl; and Scrubs star Sarah Chalke, who is on the ballot for guest-starring as Brit’s boss on How I Met Your Mother.

I know I am going to upset a lot of people, but Brit was the best part of those 2 episodes. I really don’t see the appeal of the show in general. With the exception of Neil Patrick Harris’ character. I’d like a show about HIM.


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