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The Dirtiest Mind in Business

mike rowe fast company magazine

On this month’s FAST COMPANY MAGAZINE is our own favorite, Dirtey Jobs’ Mike Rowe!!!!! He’s a little airbrushed but we can’t hate him for that. He’s still rugged enough for us. FCM looks into the brains behind the dirty exterior and even into his sorted QVC past.

He talked about what lead to his demise at QVC… he had just spent the weekend on the beach with a QVC handmodel and a case of Dos Equis and was called to fill in for someone else. He ended up pitching porcelain dolls

When the technical director finally cut away to a display version of the same doll, Rowe, in desperation, turned the little sister upside down in his lap and peeled down her garment. He finally found the crank “in the small of her back, but it’s really sort of in her ass.” Unfortunately, the technical director cut back to Rowe without warning: “Suddenly, I see myself live on the monitor, with Sister Mary Margaret’s face in my crotch, my hand on her ass, and her habit around her neck. And the damn thing is playing ‘Climb Every Mountain.'” Rowe froze in horror, then made an unfortunate gesture not suitable for prime time. “It was not good.”

Oh that poor nun…. he was subsequently fired…only to have the viewers demand him back.

Read the rest of the article here... or go buy a damn copy of the magazine!!! The pictures of him covered in honey and bees is worth it.

Covered? In? Bees?

Is he sending us a secret signal?


And to see some of his QVC magic… click here.

mike rowe 2 mike rowe 3