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"The Crow" is getting Rebooted

“Oh heelllll no”  Eric Draven does not approve.

You heard me right. Cult classic “The Crow” is getting redone. No not another sequel, not another TV series, a remake of “The Crow” originally starring Brandon Lee. There have been talks about this since 2007 but now it has more traction since it has a director attached. The director is said to be Juan Carlos Fresnadillo who did 28 Weeks Later.

Ok, so um… I know that Hollywood has run out of ideas. I mean, all of the 80s movies are being redone, and now they have decided to redo a cult classic? Would someone redo the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Dirty Harry? The Big Lebowski?? Ok, the Big Lebowski is its own type of cult classic but just go with me on this one.

No matter what you think about the original or Brandon Lee’s death adding to it’s status, I don’t think this should be redone. UNLESS you get Bai Ling and Michael Wincott in their original roles. I might be behind it then, but only then.

This is just wrong…

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