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'The Buried Life' Premiers on MTV Tonight! (VIDEO)

Tonight on MTV. The Buried Life premiers at 10PM ET/PT!

Four regular guys go across the country crossing off their life time to-do list. What do you want to do before you die?

Fans will get to know Duncan, who is a bit of a wild card with a heart of gold; Ben, the ringleader who will do whatever it takes to get things done; Jonnie, Duncan’s younger brother, who is a blogger and philosopher, and with whom girls seem to fall in love; and Dave, the break-dancer and “one-man party” who is up for anything. With the help of MTV, Duncan, Ben, Jonnie and Dave just crossed #53 off their list: start a television show.

But it’s not all self indulgent. They have to help other people along the way to do their life long goals. How cool is that?

You can learn more about “The Buried Life” by visiting