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The Book Of Steak – Review

The Book Of Steak Cover art

There’s nothing like a deliciously cooked steak to make a perfect dinner. There’s nothing like a poorly cooked steak to make it awful.

Steak, whatever cut you choose, can seem so easy to prepare, but this little pinup gets confused on just what cut needs what type of treatment. And how long do I grill it to get it Medium Rare? Is there something that would go really well with this as a side? What about brisket. How in the world do I cook that?!

The Book Of Steak is a beautifully shot, easy to read and use guide for anyone that cooks meat. The photos are gorgeous but the book isn’t so precious that I am afraid to splatter the pages with sauce.

This book it’s super easy for me to use. Each recipe has prep time, cook time, and how many people it can feed.

The Book Of Steak Cooking Times with photos

If you’re unfamilar with how long it takes to cook steak, like I am, there’s also a guide on how long each level of “done” takes, and what the steak should look like.

The Book Of Steak Recipes For Steak For Two

There is even an entire section just for recipes for two. These include sauces for you to use with each cut of steak.

The Book Of Steak Creamed Spinach recipe and photo

Also, to help fill out your menu, a section of traditional side dishes, all with photos. My favorite side dishes so far are the three time cooked french fries and the creamed spinach. There are even recipes for ketchup, and your own barbecue sauce.

This book is perfect for a wedding gift, house warming, or even a new graduate. Like I said, it’s beautifully shot, but even better, it’s easy to use.

We gave one copy of The Book of Steak away to a lucky reader, and you can always buy your own copy at Amazon.

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  1. I know someone who would love that book.

  2. Medium rare for me (although my OH likes it medium well done (well done when eating it). He’d love the book as he’s a beef farmer! We have great steak.

  3. Love me some steak. Definitely a carnivore

  4. I want that book! Is there anything better than a GOOD steak!?

  5. I love a good steak, though it has to be well done; I like my food killed twice.

  6. the book of steak – from what we read it might be important

  7. medium rare , please!!