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The Big Bang Theory ‘s Soft Kitty Gets Even Cuter

Lyrics of The Big Bang Theory's Soft Kitty

Get ready for your daily dose of cuteness. This is a friend of mine’s grand-daughter, Chloe, playing The Big Bang Theory’s “Soft Kitty” on the flute. Dr. Sheldon Cooper would be so happy.

I wonder how many views she can get for this, because she is awfully proud of herself. And I am, too. :-)

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  1. OM Gosh this is just too adorable.

  2. Well she got my view, she is very talented.

  3. That is so so cute. I would love to have that design on a t-shirt.

  4. This was so very adorable, love it! Very cute.

  5. So damn cute, what an adorable poster to have!