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That HAT!


I officially am over Brad Pitt’s hats.


He was wearing them the WHOLE TIME in Prague, and now they’re in New Orleans.

And I’m such a hat girl. I love hats. TAKE OFF THE HAT BRAD!

I know he’s doing good or whatever in NOLA, but that hat! No contractor would take him serious in that thing.

;-) Oh yeah, here’s more on the “green” project in NO from People

Brad Pitt stopped by the construction site of his environmentally friendly housing project in New Orleans on Tuesday, calling the enterprise “a small little victory.”

“It’s hard to claim an overall victory when you see how slowly it’s still moving,” Pitt tells PEOPLE of the housing project, which is slated for completion next year, built in cooperation with Global Green and the Home Depot Foundation. “[Hurricane] Katrina was a man-made disaster. This house here is a man-made solution.”

By this time next year, the five single-family homes and approximately 18 apartments should be able to house up to 23 families – all using green building materials and including energy-saving appliances, dual windows and high-efficiency light bulbs. The building project broke ground last May.

Of the housing project Pitt said, “There will be a family living in here a year from now, and this is a home that treats them with dignity, with respect, that is conscious of their quality of life.”

Is he trying to look hip, and young? Or is he… balding?

brad-hat-1.jpg brad-hat-2.jpg brad-hat-3.jpg brad-hat-4.jpg brad-hat-5.jpg brad-hat-6.jpg brad-hat-7.jpg brad-hat-8.jpg

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