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Terminal 2 Finally Re-Opens At San Diego Airport

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Thank goodness! Terminal 2 at San Diego’s Lindbergh Field airport is finally up and running. While the terminal has been in partial use for the past 2 years, the finally unveiling of the complete remodel was unveiled on Tuesday. There are great updates including power outlets at the seats in your gate areas (!) as well as more security lines during peak times. This is especially helpful as Terminal 2 was often backed up and onto the pedestrian bridge heading back to the parking lot.

The heart of the new area is called “Sunset Cove,” a dining area that provides a panoramic view of the airport. Restaurants in Sunset Cove include Saffron, Bubbles Seafood Wine Bar, Seaside Stack Shack, Qdoba, Red Mango and Tommy V’s Pizzeria, according to the airport authority.

San Diego favorites Stone Brewing Co. and Phil’s BBQ are also included in the terminal.

The new shops include an outlet of Warwick’s, the independent La Jolla bookstore, and Pannikin Coffee & Tea.

The new security area will be expandable up to 12 lines during peak travel periods in order to speed up the processing of passengers. Once they’re at the gates, travelers will have seats equipped with power and USB outlets, and cup holders. (10 news)

The best compliment I heard about the new terminal was from a friend who just left San Diego for a vacation. He said California FINALLY has a modern airport. AND word has it that the contractors came in WAY UNDER BUDGET! Thank goodness.

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  1. Cool- I still don’t like that there isn’t a parking garage at this airport…or maybe they’ve gotten one since I’ve moved???

  2. Great news, glad to hear!

  3. That is great new, that will make things better!

  4. how many terminals u need?

  5. Good to hear, I fly in there often

  6. can’t wait to try it out!