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Tanya Memme got stuck!

So of course the goofball that I am, I decide to pull out my digital camera and take some behind the scenes footage of what’s going on here. I have the camera in one hand, walking, talking and giving some commentary as I go. Well within 10 seconds of my wonderful bird brain idea I walk RIGHT INTO a cactus branch!!! The one that JUMPS right on you if you come close to it!!OMG!!!! I don’t know if you’ve ever had 2 inch thorns wedged into your leg but I SURE DID THAT DAY!!!!!!Man did
that HURT!!!!! The thing I didn’t know is that they don’t just come out if you pull on them like a regular needle….OHHHH NOOO, they have little tiny tiny like arrow like grooves and once they are in, they are REALLY difficult to get out easily!!! AND they hurt much more that I thought! At least this type of cactus did!!I will always remember out shoot in AZ as the one where I was attacked by a cactus!!!FYI…Roger was at the hotel sipping on a glass of wine!! Its a week later and I STILL have a big bruise on my leg!!