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Six Summer Shoe DIY Projects

keds diy

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Easy, fun, fashionable DIY projects are great!  Add shoes to the mix, and you have something everyone is going to enjoy.

I like being able to do something somewhat crafty that I would not mind keeping.  If you have not caught on, I am not very talented when it comes to anything art related, but these DIY Keds designs are something that I can do.  I am especially in love with the gold toe Keds shoes.  I do not know if I would wear them with the gold ribbon laces, but I do really like the gold toe design.

If given the chance I might turn those blue shoes with the white dots into little bees.

You can start with these ….



And then turn them into any of a beautiful designs above!   See how you can turn any of these “blank canvas” Keds shoes into fun kicks after the jump.


All of these DIY Keds shoe designs are available at Modlcoth‘s blog.

I wanted to include at least one of the Keds Do it yourself projects here on the site so we are doing the “Bold In Gold” shoes. These have the gold toe on the black Keds, but you can do this with any color of Keds. If you are doing this with your kids, it is important that they be supervised while working with the spray paint. You may want to do with over newspaper spread out over the floor to avoid painting your flooring gold. Also, make sure you are either outside or in a ventilated area.

Bold in Gold – Gold Toe Keds DIY


Keds Modcloth DIY gold toe
Gold spray paint
Painter’s tape
Gold Ribbon
Very Important Skate Sneaker

keds modcloth diy gold toe

1. Using your painter’s tape, tape off the entire shoe except the portion you intend to paint gold. Working in a well-ventilated area (we recommend going outdoors and spraying in the direction of the wind) apply a light layer of paint. Allow to dry. Repeat until opaque.

2. Allow your sneakers to dry overnight. Once the paint has set, measure two shoelace-lengths of gold ribbon, weaving through the grommets as you would normal laces.


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  1. I should do these with my daughter, she would love it!

  2. Keds are cool. I would love to get these.

  3. Ooooh! super cute!