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“Sue” Somethin’

Talk about taking your sweet time! Louis Vuitton has sued Britney Spears‘ record lable and WON!!! LV doesn’t want Britney to use it’s logo in her video for “DO SOMETHIN’ ” where there’s a closeup of the LV brand fabric in her car.

n the video, Spears appears in a car upholstered with Louis Vuitton fabric. The tribunal found the director of the video had clearly emphasised the Louis Vuitton brand, the report said.

Some reports say the cherry fabric is an imitation, and some say it’s real LV. Who cares. I mean really…

The civil court ruling also ordered the video’s producer to pay $117,600 for damages to Vuitton’s image, and $1,470 per day until the video is removed from the Internet.

Named in the suit are Spears’ record label, Jive, its parent company Zomba Label Group and Sony BMG and MTV Online, where the video has appeared.

This video has been out since… before she was married, and before BOTH kids!!!!!

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