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Story Retracted

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So after the rumor of Brad and Angelina making it legal by getting married in New Orleans, the denials came in.

report that “a source close to the couple tells PEOPLE there was “no wedding.” ” I normally take no name sources with a grain of salt, but since it’s People, I’ve give them the benefit of the doubt.

My favorite denial was this one. “It’s complete and total Bullshit. The bottom line is that they aren’t even in New Orleans.” LOVE IT. I think more denials should come out like that.

Now, neither of their reps have made a definite statement….

And now the Star, who first put out this rumor, is retracting their story.

Sources in a position to have information regarding a secret wedding ceremony between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had confirmed to Star that the couple married in the French Quarter Wedding Chapel on Saturday, March 29. “There were two weddings, one planned and one unplanned,” one source told Star. “Brad and Angelina’s was the planned ceremony. The weather wasn’t good, so we were indoors.” After further investigation, the sources are not standing by their story. Brad and Angelina’s reps have not commented.

I highly suggest researching things before stating them as positive FACTS! Question marks are a bloggers best friend ;-)