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Steven Tyler is a Liar

steven tyler in crocs


Remember when Steven Tyler was saying he went to rehab for foot surgery. Well, Like any other addict, he was lying, kinda. He was in rehab for the pain killers and sleeping pills he was taking after his foot surgery. See how sneaky those lying addicts think they are.

During a promo for Aeromsith’s new Video game, “Guitar Hero 3: Aerosmith”, in the Hard Rock Cafe in Time Square admitted his REAL reason for treatment.

“To have your feet done, to have your leg done, you have to be on narcotics,” Tyler told The Associated Press on Friday. “You have to be on sleep aids at night. I don’t know about Joe (Perry) but I was off and running and I didn’t like the me that was me.”

Did he just throw Joe Perry under the bus? What a jerk!