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Steve Gutenberg Grabs the Subway

steve guttenberg 3

You would think that actor, Steve Guttenberg would be ECSTATIC to have the paparazzi following him.  True, he was having lunch with a friend before these pics were taken, but come on.  That means they recognize you and people like me are going to post the photos reminding consumers that you are still around, and possibly making it easier for you to get a job.


Ok ok, he DOES have 4 movies coming up, according to IMDB.

# Making Change (2009/II) (post-production) …. Trafton
# If It Ain’t Broke, Break It (2009) (post-production) …. Steve
# The Gold Retrievers (2009) (completed) …. Wade
… aka The Treasure of the West (USA: alternative title)
# Shannon’s Rainbow (2009) …. Ed

More of Guttenberg, looking good and showing his support for the NYPD below!