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Sriracha Is No Longer a Public Nuisance In SoCal!

sriracha bottle

Sriracha hot sauce lovers, your dark days are over. The city of Irwindale, California no longer views the factory that makes the precious peppered condiment a public nuisance! WooHoo

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City officials on Wednesday dismissed a lawsuit it filed against Huy Fong Foods over the fumes and dropped its declaration of the factory as a public nuisance, reports The San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

Huy Fong CEO David Tran said he has modified a ventilation system at the factory and gave written assurances to the city that the company was addressing residents’ odor complaints, the Tribune reports. [USA Today]

Residents of Irwindale were saying that the factory was putting out a foul ordor that was making it hard for them to breathe and making their eyes burn. Uh, yeah! It is a factory full of hot peppers being cooked.

This comes as a great relief to many a hipster and others who enjoy Sriracha sauce on everything from ramen noodles to chic Sriracha cocktails (yeah I went there).

David Tran did say, though, that even with the reopening of the California plant, he is looking to expand into other states. Maybe Texas? They did try to win him over in the middle of all of this. I wonder if Governor Perry won out after all.

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  1. I love sriracha, it adds that extra flare of heat to my dishes.

  2. I’m personally not a big fan of sriracha, I can barely handle spicy things to begin with.

  3. I’ve never tried it but now I am interested, like hot things!

    • TRY IT! you will love! I even put a small dash in my bloody mary cocktails to give it a little punch!

  4. OMG, LOL. I can’t believe the factory was making peoples’ eyes burn from the hot peppers being cooked!

  5. Love Sriracha, so crazy the plant is sending off that much pepper.

  6. This is very good news indeed. Thanks for sharing!