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Spring Bathroom Makeover DIY

Spring Bathroom Makeover pink flowers

With the changing of the seasons comes the change of the inside of your home. We recently did a quick inexpensive spring refresher on our main bathroom and it gave it a fresh new look. We were inspired not only by the changing of the seasons but also by the New Caress Forever Body Wash Collection. I am loving the “Love Forever” scent that brings the classic scent of roses back. I don’t think that the subtle scent of roses is done enough. The collection delivers long-lasting, unforgettable, fine fragrance for up to 12 hours with its New Touch Technology.

As you can see, from the embarrassing before photo, our bathroom wasn’t AWFUL, but it was not great either. We had a lot of toiletries on the vanity sink counter that needed taming, towels hanging on the shower curtain bar, and towels with no real place to live.

DIY Bathroom Makeover What We Did

before the bathroom makeover

Spring Bathroom Makeover BEFORE ~ What a mess!

Step 1, EMPTY IT OUT – The first thing that needs to be done in any DIY or makeover project is to empty the room completely. We took out everything that was on the counter tops, all of the towels, all of the toiletries. All of it have to leave so that we could get a good look as to what the bathroom really looked like.

We then threw out old bottles, expired first aid kit items, old makeup, and anything that was broken that couldn’t be fixed. Then we put the clock that had been resting on top of the towels up on the wall where it belongs.

Step 2, CLEAN – Get down and dirty and clean it all. We scrubbed the bathtub and shower, then it was to the sink and floors. How does everything get so dirty? I mean, really! Quick tip, if the liner in your shower is old or covered in mold/mildew you can either scrub it or just get a new one. Getting a new shower curtain liner is an easy way to clean up the shower in your bathroom.

DIY Bathroom Makeover after photo

Spring Bathroom Makeover AFTER ~ Ahhh, so much better

Step 3, SORT – Next we went through every towel in the house. Then we sorted all of the towels for colors that go well together. I also headed out and picked up some very inexpensive grey bath towels (Under $5 each on sale at a local department store) for our bathroom makeover. I like grey for the larger towels because that allows me to add pops of color with the hand towels or more bath towels as the seasons change. The rest of the purple and yellow spring colored towels and rug were in our guest bath. I had a very nice grey colored bath mat before, but wanted to brighten the colors for spring. Don’t be afraid to switch things around in the house. Something as easy as pairing pieces together from different rooms can make a big difference.

Towels on display for the DIY bathroom makeover

Tip – like the way that the hand towels are displayed? After 15 years of working in spas we learned that the easiest way to make towels look presentable was to fold them then roll them. Have the folded end of the towel facing out and it makes the room look like a spa!

STEP 4, SOURCE – Look in other areas of the house for simple decorations. Is there a hard to break vase in the living room that you like? How about a framed poster. Or if you are feeling especially frugal, a page from a magazine in a thrift store frame.

The gold candle holders were a DIY project for the matte black and gold dinner party months ago. I love these mason jar candle holders and have used them outside on the porch, inside for romantic dinners, and now they look great as accessories in the bathroom. You can add electric tea light candles so there isn’t a fire hazard indoors.

So what do you think? It was a half day worth of work, including throwing everything into the wash and folding all of the towels, but it was well worth it.  Cleaning, reorganizing and resourcing what we already had made a huge difference in our main bathroom.  If we wanted to make an even bigger change we could have bought a new shower curtain as well.  Easy big impact change there.

new caress forever body washes last for up to 12 hours

We received samples of the new Caress Forever Body Wash Collection for this post, but all editorial content and opinions are our own. This post contains affiliate links.