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Southern California- Are The San Diego Chargers Headed To The Playoffs?

Helmets for the San Diego Chargers are laid out on the equipment table.  A big southern California thank you to the Chargers for the VIP tour of the training facility

San Diego Chargers In The Playoffs?

Will Southern California fans of the San Diego Chargers cheer on their team in the playoffs?

Southern California was filled with cheers as the Chargers and 49ers football game rolled over to overtime, and the bolts surprised EVERYONE by taking it all the way. The overtime field goal by Nick “Crabcakes” Novak left a lot of San Diego Charger fans in disbelief and standing on their feet cheering! Can you believe it? They pulled it off! But what does that mean for their playoff hopes.

It was Over When…

On second down with 10:11 remaining in overtime, the Chargers sent Nick Novak out to win the game. Confident and poised under pressure, Novak’s perfect 40-yard field goal capped a comeback for the ages at Levi’s Stadium. (

From the way all of the Southern California Charger fans, and football commentators, were shouting and cheering you would think that SD had made it to the playoffs. Well, not so fast.

The San Diego Chargers still have another game this weekend against Kansas City Chiefs. If the Chargers can keep up the good work, and take a win over KC THEN they can celebrate a playoff spot. So while it was rather exciting to see SoCal bring it this weekend, there is still work to be done.

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