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Song of the Day: It’s A Man’s World James Brown

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I have been rolling in the retro lately, but not as far back as I usually go.  This time, I have been going back to the 1960s with James Brown.  Today’s song is “It’s A Man’s World” and honey don’t I know it.

I am not usually a godfather of soul fan, but this version is especially good.  And even though it is long, hang in there and keep it on in the background as you get back to your excel files at work.

The last time I had heard this song was when Christina Aguilera over sang it to death.  She looked amazing, and she can usually sing, but this is one of those soulful songs that more is not better.  You have to FEEL it on some level, even if your feeling is that this is just a pile of horse sh*t.  She just tried too damn hard to make it “amazing” when she should have just let the song be the song.


If you are not a James Brown fan, like me, get ready to turn off the television and your internet.  The newest biopic (didn’t that used to just be biography?) is due out August 1st of this year, so there will be James Brown music, gossip, family member interviews, and all that everywhere.  Hmm, maybe I can watch the Blues Brothers on Netflix, he was in that as the preacher.

Anyway, the new movie, Get on Up, will be out August, and you can already buy tickets in some places.  I hope they show him and his life, warts and all, and do not try to make him out to be this beacon on the hill. Not that he was all bad, but all too often the divas are shown to be the victims who triumph and everyone else, well there would be no triumph without some people standing “in your way”.  Meh, what do I know.

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  1. OMG I LOVE a bit of James Brown! Thanks Cari! have downloaded!

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve heard this song, thanks for sharing!

  3. Love me some James Brown, perfect for my mood.

  4. I remember seeing Christina sing this on TV as well. I thought she did a good job. She gave it a lot of effort.