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Song Of The Day: Chris Isaak Wicked Game

Herb Ritts Chris Isaak Wicked Game Helena Christensen

It’s Friday. It’s Hot. Everyone here would much rather be at the beach. And here in Southern California, all of us dream of having the beach all to ourselves away from all of the tourists.

Enter rockabilly star Chris Isaak’s Herb Ritts directed video for Wicked Game. Vicotira’s Secret supermodel Helena Christensen prancing around in her unmentionables with Isaak in his dress pants and undershirt. It is so much not what you see that makes this video one of the Top Ten Sexiest Videos of all time.

Man, I know it is summer and all but it suddenly got very hot in here. Oh my.

This had to be one of the first big pop songs that I really remember that was not just pure pop. This was music, and Chris Isaak was considered an “over night success” after many years of singing and playing his music. Many of you that are into the stranger side of celebrity, movies, and art may recognize this hit as something else. Movie director and writer David Lynch (of Twin Peaks fame) used the song in the night time highway scene of wild at heart. You know the part where they find the couple that had been in the car accident on the side of the road? Yeah, that is the scene.

I bought the tape single version of Wicked Game and always wondered why there was a freeway sign on the back of the packing. It was not until almost 20 years later when I finally saw Wild At Heart that I understood what it all meant.

And it is actually Chris Isaak’s video for the movie single that I remember seeing first. The brushes on the drum heads, his wild suit, and Laura Dern horrified about herself in the mirror’s reflection. All of these made quite the impression on me.

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  1. This song has always been a favorite. So sexy and haunting.

  2. Nice tune, and I like the video also. Perfect for my mood

    • Yush! I love the vid. Another fave is Robert Palmer’s ‘Addicted To Love’. Classic!

  3. oooh! I love this song, thanks for bringing back some memories.

  4. This is one of those timeless songs that always makes me feel happy :)