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Some Good Britney news… and the rest

Britney spears marries Sam Lufti

Oh it’s about time to hear something good about little Miss Britney Spears. Her director for her “Piece of Me” video (see it here) , Wayne Isham, was talking to People about what a professional she was on the set!!!

“On set,” says Isham of Spears, “she was very professional, excited to work and beautiful as always. I was impressed with her focus as she choreographed the dance herself. Her endurance was remarkable, as we had a long day.”

He adds, “She almost outlasted me, which is amazing! It was a pleasure to work with her again.” (He also directed the “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman” video for Spears.)

Wheeew! What a relief! It’s nice to hear something GOOD about little miss B once in a while.

In other Brit news… STAR via MSNBC is reporting that she is getting married again, in Las Vegas, again. This time to creepy leech Sam Lufti. eww

In fact, an insider told the publication Britney already announced her marital ambitions to her lawyers and ex-hubby, Kevin Federline. “[The lawyers] begged her to at least get a prenup, but she didn’t seem to be listening.”

Kevin is none too fond of the hanger-on and even forbids Britney from having Sam around the two boys, threatening to get a restraining order!!!! That would mean she’d lose the kids if they keep hooking up.

I think she’s just crazy enough to do this. Even if it means losing her kids.