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SoCal Icon Cal Worthington Dies At 92 *Video*

Cal Worthington Dog Spot Tiger

Sunday saw the passing of Southern California Cal Worthington. For those of you NOT in the SoCal area, me calling a car salesman an ICON may be a bit of hyperbole, but trust, if you grew up here, you KNOW Cal and his dog spot.

All day yesterday there was conversation on my personal Facebook page. People talking about how Cal influenced their lives. Most of the stories were of watching TV with moms or grandmas, making this passing doubly hard. It was like losing their moms and grandmas all over again. Some of my friends bought their cars from Cal!

You can read a great piece on Cal and his history on the KFI website.

I don’t know how or why Cal’s passing is so hard on a lot of us, especially those of us over 30, but it’s like losing a family member and some great SoCal memories.

Rest in Peace, Cal.

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1 Comment

  1. It’s always sad to lose someone you know or have a connection with. RIP.