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SoCal Earthquake WeeeEEEeee

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Last night was rollin’ here in Southern California. We had a few good little earthquakes, and then we had a big one about 5.1 in La Habra (that’s South of Los Angeles)

Don’t worry, we’re OK, but that was rolling for a while and we were a little worried for a second. Twitter and Facebook kind of blew up with all of us talking about it, making sure each other were ok.

Did you all feel it last night? Do you have friends here?

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  1. WOW Scary I have never experiences an earthquake.

  2. WOW scary, glad you are safe and sound xo

  3. Glad every one is ok, that must have been pretty frightening.

  4. I haven’t experienced one before, sounds scary though.

  5. Earthquakes scare me, they always have. They’re getting a bit frequent in Cali lately, better look out!

  6. OMG how scary! Glad to hear you are ok Bee!