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So who watched CNN last night? (VIDEO)

@jackgraycnn. On the platform with Anderson & Kathy. It’s rainy and cold but we’re having fun.

Our favorite New Year’s Eve tradition is watching Kathy Griffin bug the pants off Anderson Cooper on CNN.   (I rarely watch CNN anymore, but for Kathy and “Andy” I make an exception)

She makes him giggle like a little school girl the entire night.  Especially last night.  There was a big to-do at CNN about last year’s events. (Don’t remember?  See here) The deal this year was that if Kathy swore, she had to give back her paycheck.

I watched the whole night, and thought she made it.   But as I was headed to bed, I begin to hear she dropped the F-bomb.  WHAT?  I didn’t hear that!

Watching the video, it’s no wonder I didn’t catch it.

Anderson “Andy” was showing Kathy photos of news makers of the past year, and they got to Falcon Heene.  Now, Kathy had been trying to get Anderson to swear the entire night, so she started mis-pronouncing “Falcon” on purpose.  Ends up, one of her mis-pronouncings sounded an awful lot like “F*cking”.  OOPS!

Get out that check book, Kathy.  They’re going to want their money back, even if you didn’t get to enjoy dropping the F bomb.

I say it’s being over blown.  But that’s just me.

Happy new year!

Photo Via @JackGrayCNN’s Twitpic

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  1. falcon??