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So what Happened Ron?

ron white

On of my favorite comedians (PBR bull owner) , Ron White, made the mistake of having marijuana and got arrested the other night. (click here).

So what’s the story?

Believe it or not, Ron has a MYSPACE and posted what happened, how he got arrested, and why his 2 private pilots are now former employees.

To read it, click for more

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Press Release – 9/16/08
Category: News and Politics


ATLANTA, GA – Ron White would like to set the record straight on both his recent arrest for a small amount of marijuana and the false accusations made against him by the two pilots he fired on May 12, 2008.

As has been reported, comedian Ron White was arrested at the ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Vero Beach Airport on September 10, 2008. He was in town to perform two sold out shows (September 10 and 11) at the 1200 seat Sunrise Theatre in Ft. Pierce, FL. Local authorities were advised by an “anonymous tipster” that White’s private jet would be landing at the airport that evening, and that they would find illegal drugs on board. Vero Beach law enforcement officers met the aircraft upon arrival. They approached Mr. White, who cooperated fully with authorities, and willingly turned over the marijuana in his possession; seven-eighths of one gram, an amount equal to that of a single cigarette. Mr. White was arrested and transported to jail. He posted the required $1,000 bond, was processed and released, and went on to perform the scheduled show that night, after a delay of approximately one hour. It should be noted that Mr. White possesses a legal prescription for Medicinal Marijuana issued him in 2006 by a licensed physician.

While Mr. White understands that the local police were simply doing their job in following up on the tip, he does feel that tax payer resources could have been better spent. “I just don’t view this as a good use of taxpayer money or police time,” White says.

The two former pilots, Scott Wolcott and Chris LaPlante, whose services were terminated in May 2008, have previously made false accusations against Mr. White to the FAA and in the media. The accusations include the claim that “White burst into the private jet’s cockpit and threatened to fight them and crash the plane,” according to an Atlanta Journal Constitution article. The pilots said there was a recording of the “attack” at a NY airport communication center. When the reporter requested a copy of the recording from the FAA he was informed that no such recording existed.

Following the Vero Beach arrest, Wolcott and LaPlante made additional accusations in an interview with Access’s Christian Boone. The pilots made claims of having to wear oxygen masks inflight to avoid becoming impaired by marijuana smoke, a claim Mr. White categorically denies. “I’m a comedian; I’m not an idiot. And I don’t want to die. I wouldn’t do anything on my plane that would risk my life, or anyone else’s.”

Mr. White terminated Wolcott and LaPlante for failing to do their job properly. It was not a single act of incompetence, rather a series of missteps, some of them quite serious, which led to their dismissal. White states, “I don’t have a lot of rules but I do expect for pilots to land at the correct airport, and to be where they’re supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there.” When advised that their services would no longer be required, Wolcott and LaPlante demanded a sizeable severance. Mr. White reminded them that they were independent contractors and therefore not entitled to any type of severance. At that point, they threatened to publicly accuse Mr. White of misconduct if he did not meet their demands, and it appears they made good on that threat. They have gone on an unending smear campaign since White refused their demands.

Mr. White appreciates all of his fans who spend their hard earned money to buy tickets for his shows, and he would like to publicly thank them for their continued support. As much as he does not enjoy having to respond to such mudslinging, he would ask that the media and the police consider the source of all of these false allegations, and the motives behind them.

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