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Snow Tourists Shut Down Southern California

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This week, something outside the norm hit our southern California lifestyle. SNOW! Temecula even got enough snow that people were making snow angels. There was so much snow, even in San Diego county, that it seems everyone and their carload of kids wanted to go up to Julian to see the snow covered apple orchards and have some pie. The only HUGE problem with that? The Southern California roads were already difficult at times without the snow, and now they were packed with people that have no idea how to drive in the snow!

Because of the difficulties on the roads heading up to Julian the Califonia Highway Patrol SHUT DOWN THE ROADS. They basically put a sign up that said “Dear Southern California drivers – turn it around and go home where you can drive.”

The CHP even took to the news, which I might add may have added to the problem by telling everyone to go to Julian because of the 6 inches of snow that fell on New Year’s Eve.

“Be aware that Julian is bursting at the seams,” the town’s Chamber of Commerce warned would-be visitors on its website. “Be prepared to wait in a traffic jam for a long time just to get into town. Please do not block anyone’s driveway or enter private property looking for places to play in the snow.”
Thursday afternoon, every major highway was backed up for miles, according to the California Highway Patrol.

To compound the problem, the town is completely out of lodging until Jan. 3, Chamber of Commerce officials said.
While state troopers told NBC 7 that the town had run out of gasoline, a clerk at Julian’s only gas station said it did have gasoline and would have enough to last the night.

State troopers were dispatched to the area on Thursday after reports of gridlock traffic.
Traffic continued to worsen as the day wore on. State Route 67 had traffic backed up Thursday afternoon all the way to I-8 and the 8 was congested all the way to Willows Road near Viejas. [NBC San Diego]

Be aware that some highways require CHAINS on the cars so have those in the trunk if you decide you cannot live without seeing the snow and fighting other people for non-existent parking spots.

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