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Snow Storm Stay Warm Recipes

blond pin up girl with penguins by Elvgren

A snow storm is hitting the North East, snowpocalypse 2015, and it is going to get cold my friends. And while it is not even close to the crazy snow that is set to hit the North East, Southern California is about to be hit by rain. This is the perfect time for warm, cozy, comfort food.

Sam the cooking guy in the kitchen Sam Livecast

Chicken and Mushroom Bacon Hot Dish – Sam the cooking guy made this amazingly delicious hot dish when Busy Bee Blogger visited him on set last year. This may look like a simple casserole, but it holds together everything that can be amazing about a snow day. This hot dish blends together the delicious flavors of Sriacha, bacon, a nice creamy sauce and of course everybody’s favorite, tater tots. Grab a plate.

irish hops stew st patricks day
Irish Hops Beef Stew – Hearty, warm, filling, delicious. Do not wait until March to have this St. Patrick’s day stample. Irish hops beef stew will keep you full and warm all night long. Large pieces of potato, carrots, mushrooms and beef keep you warm and cozy on a cold winter night.

corn carrot soupCorn Carrot Soup Recipe Looking for something just as warm and delicious, but not as hearty as the stew? Try the Corn Carrot Soup. This recipe is usually made chilled but you can warm this up and serve it in a mug to enjoy while binge watching your favorite show. Snuggle up!

Potato cheese and bacon soup. Use your Thanksgiving leftovers in a new warm delicious way.

Bacon Mashed Potato Cheesy Soup – When life gives you left over mashed potatoes, make cheesy potato soup. Warm, smokey, and cheesy. Stop dreaming and start warming up that pot!

Sobieski Cynamon Vodka Chai Tea Cocktail

Sweet & Cynful Tea Warm up with a cinnamon and chai tea cocktail. Warm or cold, this will keep you cozy until the snow plows come to dig you out.

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  1. Great winter warmer recipes. I have tried that Irish beef stew before, and that potato just melts after being cooked slowly on the stove! Thanks for the recipes :)

  2. Ummmm chicken and mushroom AND tater tots… Yes please! These are all good cold weather ideas, and probably a lot more healthy than ordering pizza.

  3. Reading this took away the chill! I might be in LA but it get’s cold at night and we often need a meal that will warm the inners!

  4. I’m down south and we’ve been hit with the cold, snow and ice. Now it’s raining all night and tomorrow…sigh. But I’d rather this than heat…. y’all can have that. LOL! Let me check out this Bacon Mashed Potato Cheesy.